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    Instituto de História da Arte-FCSH/NOVA


    Fundação Casa Rui Barbosa


    The project " Manor House, Portugal, Brazil and Goa, An Inside View”, corresponds to a second phase of geographic, thematic and chronological enlargement of the project started in 2010 with the name of: The Manor House in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro (17th, 18th and 19th centuries) Anatomy of the interiors. From the cities of Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro the project extends to the territories of Portugal and Brazil and extends to the State of Goa.

    Keeping the project base on the Instituto de História de Arte at FCSH/NOVA, for the development of research in this new phase, the scientific cooperation developed with the Fundação da Casa Rui Barbosa, from 2011 to 2016, was renewed, and a new agreement was signed in 2018. This new project was also supported by an IHA funded R&D project approved in 2018.

    In addition to a geographical extension, this project extends the scope of its research to a new line of research centered on "Case Studies". This line of research is in turn developed in four research areas: Architecture, Distributive Programs, Applied Decorations and Mobile Equipment.

    The project "The Manor House, Portugal, Brazil and Goa" received the support of Hertz, who allowed the restructuring and updating of the old site adapting it to the new topics and research strategies as well as its English version.



    From a methodological point of view, the project maintains the same principles defined at the outset, dividing it into four fundamental lines of research:

    I - Patrons and artists. Experiences and rituals;

    II - Identification of structures and distributive programs and in-depth study of functional and symbolic nomenclatures of each space;

     III - Study of fixed ornamentation - ceilings, tiles, carvings, plaster, plaster, textiles, floors, chimneys, windows and doors, integrated furniture;

     IV - The mobile equipment in its specific functions.

    Through bilateral and international colloquia and the publication of research results, the project has fostered the integrated and comparative study of the manor house and its interiors on both sides of the Atlantic. Since 2014 these international colloquia have been organized annually in Portugal and Brazil and their contents are widely publicized on the project website.




    The research project "The manor house in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro (17th, 18th and 19th centuries)." Anatomy of the Interior "allowed to draw the public attention to one of the most interesting and lesser known aspects of the Luso-Brazilian artistic heritage : the manor house in urban and rural context, analyzed as a testimony of the experience of the owner families, through organization and articulation the interior space and the decoration of their interiors. The project was therefore eloquent testimony of the meeting of common cultural and artistic heritages, separated by an ocean, but in constant interaction

    The project also allowed the creation of a methodology for analyzing the space of the manor house in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro in its various dimensions: social, architectural and artistic. In the future, it will be possible to apply this methodology in several studies, in order to extend the field of analysis to other houses and other documentary and iconographic funds.


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